MP3-Slicer 1.2

This program lets you cut audio files into smaller pieces
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Sometimes there are Mp3 files which you love but you just don't like the introductions or you would like to cut them so you can listen only to the chorus over and over. Sometimes, it also happens that you would like to use your favorite song as your cell phone ring tone, but you just want to use a part of it. With MP3-Slicer you will be able to cut any Mp3 file into smaller pieces. The program lets you select any beginning and ending point and cut the audio file in a short amount of time and with an outstanding level of quality. The application will display your audio files' information everytime you add a music file into the program's main window.

To cut an audio file, all you have to do is to select the input source, set the beginning and ending point and then click on the slice button. The program also allows you to modify some of your audio files information, including artist, album, genre, year and more. On the program's main window, there is a note that lets you know that this program does not work with MP3's which have an ID3 v2 tag or a variable bit rate. The program is not free, but you can test it by downloading the free trial version.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It lets you cut audio files into smaller pieces
  • It works fast


  • There are free programs that do the same
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